Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Empire Strikes Bath...Death Star

That's no moon, it's a space station!

The Death Star plans are not in the main computer, they're right here on yours!

For a better tutorial than mine, see this one. I didn't follow her directions exactly - but
that gal has better pictures and explanations than I do.

1. Find picture you like...put it in Microsoft Word...stop muttering about
how much you hate loathe despise the program,  and add numbers.
2. Support your local Walmart - $3.97 + tax will buy you this little beauty.

3. Take off the back by unscrewing the seven tiny little screws.
Immediately lose one screw.

4. Tape off the hands...then paint around the inside edges and the center.

5. After the paint is dry, slather on some fake Mod Podge (slightly diluted Elmer's glue), then
 carefully slide the paper clock face over the hands. Add more faux Podge to the top and
push out any bubbles (or in my case, leave it alone for an hour or so while you run to Home
Depot and the library and then have to put up with the resulting dried bubbles). Let dry.

6. Reassemble clock.
 Now all I need are the right droids.


m_perfect said...

Makes me feel "spacey"!

BeeGee Babe said...

Love it! Now the force will come in and destroy it you know that right? Tee-hee!

T Harrington said...