Thursday, May 12, 2011

5 X 5 Challenge Plus, My New Best Friends.

Stuff I've made in the last week (that didn't earn their own post)
 embroidered "W",  embroidery needle pincushion, and a scale model of a
handcart (from a kit).
New Best Friends? My Dollar Tree reading glasses and my needle threader.
 Lately I've been celebrating the completion of TUJD (The Uncrushable Jersey Dress). Reading and reviewing one book a week for sixteen months was satisfying in one way - Keira and I did exactly what we set out to do in our 'mission statement' - which did give me a sense of accomplishment - but there were unfortunate side effects, most notably, the lack of time/energy for more creative pursuits.

I've been making up for lost time (creatively speaking), and really enjoying myself.  So here's the challenge. Next week, Monday-Friday I plan on making OR organizing at least one thing each day and blogging about it.  I've roped in a few of you - the only real rule is that I want to see a picture (before and after if you can, but at least after).

Who's in? Leave a comment on this blog, so we'll know which blogs to watch next week.


Keira said...

I'm in. My first post will be on Monday. I can't wait to see what I do...

Suzanne said...

Oh crikey... I'm in. Gulp. Must get organized in order to be able to make it 5x5.