Sunday, January 18, 2009

Word of the Day


syn⋅co⋅pe   [sing-kuh-pee, sin-] –noun

1. Grammar. the contraction of a word by omitting one or more sounds from the middle, as in the reduction of never to ne'er.

2. Pathology. brief loss of consciousness associated with transient cerebral anemia, as in heart block, sudden lowering of the blood pressure, etc.; fainting.


When Alex was called to dinner he arose in an abrupt manner and suffered an episode of syncope.

Yeah. That was fun. It lasted only a few seconds and he went on to eat a hearty dinner. I suppose he's fine....but I'll be watching.


Suzanne said...

Oh dear. Maybe he just needed a good hot meal in him to feel better.

crashhanna said...

He keeps saying "I'm fine, I'm fine". I'll just have to take him at his word until/unless it happens again.

Alex said...

Honestly, I think it was because I hadn't had any food since breakfast. I think I've had something similar happen a couple fast Sundays ago, but not in such a dramatic fashion.

stephen said...

Dramatic as in falling straight backwards, like a board, on to the floor, bumping a chair with his head before hitting the floor.

Before he fell I spoke to him twice and he did not respond. If he always responded when I spoke, I might have realized something was wrong before he went down.

m_perfect said...

Could it be lack of h2o? I've had that happen in that instance. Feel for ya Alex!

Keira said...

Well...he is a growing boy.