Friday, January 16, 2009

Cooties and Coffee Cake

Friday is usually game day in seminary. Today's game: Scripture Cootie. Students had to find a scripture mastery reference to get a chance to put parts on their Cootie. Since they gave each other the clues I pretty much was free to observe and reign in the most blatant cheating (cheating? in seminary? - in our class we euphemistically refer to it as "using your resources").

Here is my favorite example of "cheating" today. The scripture that was supposed to be found was in 2 Thessalonians.

Halden: "Have you met my sister "Thessy"?" She's a really great girl, that "Thessy".

That they were "using their resources" didn't bother me too much. The game wasn't that competitive, and I figure that at least they were getting better acquainted with their scriptures. A few months ago these same students would have had a hard time identifying Thessalonians as a book in the New Testament.

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