Friday, January 16, 2009

Begin as you mean to go on.

Today is Steve's first official campout with the Scouts in a long while. He's gone plenty of times in the past few years as a dad, but not as a scout leader.

I asked him this morning if he would like me to help him with food for tonight. I offered to make some calzone that he could reheat at camp. I suggested stew or perhaps a foil dinner. I was willing to help out this morning. He decided to take some canned food. Okay, if that's what he wants, fine by me.

He and Danny have to be over at the meeting place at 5pm. At about 3:45pm he asked me if I wanted to go get Alex and I some dinner. I said maybe....he then suggested that I swing by Little Caesar's and pick up a couple of pizza's so that he and Danny could eat right before they left.

No way Jose'. Not when I had nicely offered to help early in the day. Uh uh. I told him it was for his own good - otherwise he wouldn't learn anything from it. No pizza.

I did however, make him some French toast.


Keira said...

It makes you wonder how good these scouts would be at varmint huntin'.

crashhanna said...

Steve jut got back...the scoutmaster brought potatoes, onions and filet mignon.

BeeGeeBabe said...

You know that man wouldn't have evolved any if women hadn't been packing food and nagging about the need for protein.