Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Brand New Year

I sometimes use my ipod for seminary. I especially like to use it for prelude music. I do have all the hymns downloaded from the website - but I don't use them that often for the opening song. First of all, they play them a little (or a lot) slower than I like to have them sung, and second of all, it's 6am and my voice really doesn't want to go above an A or possibly B flat - and since I'm often singing a solo, it sounds a little better if I do it a little lower than it is written. ANYHOW, I am always looking for free music to play for seminary, and I found some today. I installed a widget for the music in my sidebar - so if anyone else wants to download - there it is.

The site I got it from is called "A Brand New Year" and basically it's a site that the church put together for youth. The resources send the user to places that are already in, but sometimes a little bit of a bother to find. This makes it easy. I think I may make up a little take home handout for my seminary kids so that they can find it. I will definitely be introducing Daniel and Alex to it so that when they want to get on the computer on Sunday we have one more acceptable resource.


Keira said...

It doesn't look very much like a church website. Are we really as cool as that?

I like to think we have the austerity of the Northern Puritans coupled with an unusual affinity for shaking what your mama gave you...

crashhanna said...

I was greatly amused to see that the site offers ringtones.