Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big Hairy Deal

How much hair can you trim off an 18 year old boy who has shortish hair, but has procrastinated the day of his repentance?

This much.

Alex's hair was getting too long. It was getting too long about two months ago, but now it was way too long. Using the #6 (we started with the #8) attachment we ended up with this much.

Maybe if I got paid to cut my family's hair I would be more aggressive at seeking out business. Then it wouldn't get so long.

Any idea what the going rate for boys haircuts are?


Suzanne said...

Umm, they just got more expensive, but I try and use the $8.99 coupons. I suppose that's still money that I could save.

The last time I "trimmed" Jack's hair it was WAY too short. I was forbid from cutting hair. (I just started trimming Emma's bangs...I need to go pay someone to fix them the next go around.)

Keira said...

5 bucks--Nathan is 10. I love going to a friend so that I don't have to do the dirty work.

I do Laura's bangs too. She should start paying me but then I'd have to get better.