Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Search Party Needed

Keira and I sent a van load of menfolk (and Tia) up the mountain this morning. I talked to Steve at about 4pm (when they were supposed to be done) - at that point he and Danny were lost. Evidently they found their way back to the lodge - an hour later the whole gang had gotten together,, returned their rentals and rendezvoused at the van.

They all seemed to have survived a day of skiing and supposedly are on their way home. We promised hot pizza when they get here...

Kevin and I just popped the first Papa Murphy's pizza in, we'll keep cranking the out until the skiers get here.

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Frankie/mom said...

Happy to hear dad is not lost! I'm counting on him coming home tuesday! Hoping they had a grand time swooshing down the hill. I'm certain Jonah and Brady skied circles around dad, but he surely loved every second of it.

I'm doing fine...mostly laying around. Watched 'Sleepless in Seattle' this afternoon... I always cry.

Hugs and kisses to EVERYONE!