Friday, January 2, 2009

The Ghost of Christmas Past....

I think we are officially done with Christmas. We got our last two packages this evening. At 8:10pm. Yeah. You heard me. 8:10pm. UPS has come later - we've had them dropping off stuff as late as 9pm. Yes, 9pm.

Danny kept checking the tracking online. Nothing. We started keeping an eye out the windows after dark. I had just about given up when they finally showed up. Steve and Danny went out to the truck - it took the guy a few minutes to find our packages - we didn't just have his new netbook computer, we also got our Christmas package from David.

Among other things, David sent us a photo calendar with multiple pictures for each month. I forced him to divulge his source - he finally admitted that he gave the pictures to Xuehui (his girlfriend) and she put it together. So...thank you David AND Xuehui! It's awesome.

Steve and Danny are having a great time installing more memory in Danny's new netbook, charging the battery, installing programs, reading the instructions...not necessarily in that order.


Suzanne said...

Danny looks like he's willing to get in the computer to make sure everything is working.

I think that we're done with Christmas here as well. I did get a FABULOUS package that I put with the rest of my decorations until next year. My boxes are ready to head to the basement until next year.

m_perfect said...

We're still not done! I made the mistake(?!) of being cheap and getting the super saver shipping which stated that it might not arrive until Dec. 29th ( a chance I was willing to take). I must have read it wrong ( or else they prevaricated...could that happen?)and it shipped the 29th! Christmas will continue through next week I guess...but at least the decorations are down.