Monday, January 26, 2009

Finals Week

I'm not sure if the work crew is here to do more work - or to patch up after the last work?!?

Today was Danny's math review and final. He did just fine....90%. After that we had a brief run-in with pronoun antecedents, a section on buoyancy, a science experiment involving forces, and to round off the day, some science review (tomorrow is his science final).

I was going to go grocery shopping this afternoon. I guess I still could, but it would be a bit of a squeeze to get past the work crew in my driveway. I think I'll just finish up the laundry and hope that the work crew will be done in a couple of hours.

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Suzanne said...

Maybe the work crew is getting extra credit for a job not yet completed. You seem to have an awful lot of work crews around your house. Maybe you should check your phone lines to see if they are tapped?!