Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well over there in America. It`s been pretty cold here recently but there hasn`t been much snow.

Alright, last week in review. My back bire tire was giving me trouble last week and it looked like it might be bent. I took it into Asahi (A bike store chain where most missionaries in Japan buy their bikes). I`m really not sure what exactly was wrong but they ended up replacing my back tire and gears for free. That was nice of them I thought.

Last Friday I went to the baptism of someone Elder Ito and I found and taught back in Okamachi. It took Elder Lytle 4 tries to baptize him. :)

On Saturday I was on an exchange with another Elder. Exchanges are always fun and good. At the end of the exchange the other Elder almost took off on the train with my companion`s bike key. Fortunately we now have cell phones so we were able to stop them before they left. Without cell phones we would`ve probably ended up walking home.

On Sunday Maria was confirmed. The evening was pretty cold. I made a couple small apple pies, but still haven`t gotten around to eating any.

I`ve taken a lot of pictures, but emailing them is a hassle. I`ll probably copy them all onto a spare SD card next week and mail them home. You put any you feel like up for people to look at.

I guess I`ll ask some questions for people to answer. What`s changed with computers since mid-July last year. Any fun new games? (Don`t lie and say there`s been none :P) Anyone taking any Japanese classes? Do you have questions for me? How do you make good Tomato soup? I figure the key is in the rue but I`ve forgotten how to make rue that doesn`t clump. Last time I used a strainer to get rid of any big clumps of flour. Anyone want to look up a recipe for Hiroshima Okonomiyaki (It`s different than the regular Okonomiyaki because there`s noodles or something in it).


Elder West


Stephanie said...

I should stop making a habit of going to bed hungry. That heaping pile of unidentifiable, unpronounceable edibles looks quite appetizing right now. What's in it?

crashhanna said...

I'm not sure what's in it. I googled the item Andrew wants a recipe for and got lots of images that look pretty much like this one.

Suzanne said...

I think it's kinda funny that he's asking for recipes. I don't like tomato soup well enough to try and make it on my own.

crashhanna said...

I've never even made tomato soup from scratch. I still occasionally like a bowl of Campbells...Maybe I ought to send him some for Valentines - it is red, after all.

Keira said...

Campbells--Laura insisted on having a can of Cream of Chicken soup for lunch yesterday. I tried to explain to her but she was adamant.