Saturday, May 31, 2008

Let's (not) Do Lunch

Yesterday I posted about putting bark in our yard. That was yesterday. The day before that we put bark in the neighbor's yard. The day BEFORE that one we put bark all around the church building.

Today we had a stake-wide service project - beautifying Asbery Field. I was not about to do bark 4 days in a row. I volunteered to pick up trash around the field. The field is one block wide and 3 blocks long. Stephanie and Cory showed up and went around the field with me picking up trash.

Funniest thing we picked up? Daniel's lunch that he had inadvertently left at the bus stop 4 weeks ago (when he went to the UW with Cory and Kaith for the day). I knew it was his - who else would have a Costco water bottle filled with milk.

4 week old milk.


Suzanne said...

Haha. That's funny that you found his lunch. I detest going through old lunches, you NEVER know what you might find. Are you going to work the milk experiment into homeschooling?

crashhanna said...

No. Like Monk, I too have issues with milk.

Keira said...

My kids still don't drink milk. I couldn't handle finding a missing sippy cup three weeks on.