Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bathing Beauty

Both Keira and Suzanne referred to girly-ness in their blogs today. I don't have much of that happening around my house - where I am the lone owner of female chromosomes. Lest I forget what it means to be a girl, I will go to YW tonight and bask in girly-ness, listen to giggles, and perhaps see some female grooming rituals (i.e. braiding each other's hair).

I did indulge myself today in a brief bout of femininity - by taking a long soak (in a short tub). I hate our inadequate bathtub with a vengance, but every 2 or 3 years I give in and try to take a relaxing bath.

While in my not so relaxing bath today, the doorbell rang. Nathan came to my bedroom door and said that "someone" was here to see me. See me? See me?? I rinsed off, dried off, got dressed, and came out of my room. Nathan then informed me that the visitor had been my brother-in-law Dan - who lives in Idaho Falls. He only stayed a minute, then left. This is the first time he has ever been to our house. It figures that it would be during the only bath I've taken in 3 years.


Keira said...

Taking baths about as often as you do I can truly understand your pain. No one ever want to hurry a thing like a relaxing tub.

Suzanne said...

A long bath in a short tub...so true.

I like the bath for about five minutes and then I'm done for another six months. Maybe it's because we've given kids baths for so long...nah, we're just not "bath" people.

Wait until you see tomorrow's girly post.