Thursday, May 29, 2008

While The Cat's Away

Usually, when my husband goes out of town, I embark on some kind of home improvement project. Usually. Remember the week of 9/11? I painted my entire living room, dining room, kitchen and entry. When Steve went to Philadephia for a week I had my bedroom recarpeted, and Keira, Tia and I put new flooring, counter, sink and faucet in my bathroom - not to mention painting both rooms, hanging new curtains and new pictures on my walls. I've done other projects while he was gone, mostly just painting or rearranging bookcases (ah yes, the gypsy bookcases...)

With Steve gone for the next two days I feel a little at loose ends. I don't have a project to work on. I'm not ready to do Alex's bedroom - I have to wait for Andrew to leave...I don't have enough money this week to put in new counter, sink, faucet and flooring in my upstairs hall bath....hmm....Maybe I'll ***** *** ****** (sorry, I can't type it out, it's a secret).


Suzanne said...

Spill, give us a clue. Something, what are you doing?!

Mostly I'm looking for some sort of motivation to do things around my house.

stephen said...

I trust you. I'm not nervous.