Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"We Should Do This More Often," She Said.

The YW painted flower pots for Mother's Day. It was not rocket science. It was more along the lines of a 2nd grade art project. I fully expected it to take all of about 5 minutes.

We took the entire time.

I brought some card making supplies as fill (as in time, not land) - I figured we could stretch the time to 15 or 20 minutes. Some of the girls both painted and made a card.

As the last girl was leaving she said "We should do this more often - I like it when we get to be creative."

This should be a lesson to me. I haven't decided what lesson it will be, but it should be a lesson.


Suzanne said...

Plan for 5 minutes and it takes 45, plan for 45 and it takes 5 minutes. It's always nice when it works in your favor. :)

Keira said...

I agree with Suzanne--yesterdays scouts I thought would take 20 minutes and we'd end with basketball. Instead, we only had time for minor church vandalism before we got out of there.