Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Achievable Goals

I'm a big believer in making a list in order to get stuff done. If I'm going on a trip, I will write down the important things to take, then check them off the list (I had 3 pages of list for when Steve and I went to Europe). If I'm getting ready for Christmas, I will have a list of presents that I already have, plus ones that I still need to get. When we were working on the house last summer I made a list of things I needed to do (paint cabinets, refinish piano, etc...). I know enough about myself to make my list achievable. Yeah, sometimes I put easy stuff down, just so that I will have something definite to check off, but I try not to put any extra stuff.

Steve tends to make lists that have everything that he wants to accomplish in this life(and possibly the next). He wonders why he never gets everything done on his check list. Of course it doesn't help him that I sometimes add things to his list - occasionally big things (last years remodelling extravaganza comes to mind), but he also will add to mine (I hadn't planned to refinish our piano - that was his idea).

What are my goals for today?
  • homeschool Daniel
  • write my blog (yea! I can check this one off already)
  • take Alex to the orthodontist
  • exercise
  • put away yesterday's laundry
  • make dinner
  • read scriptures

Totally achievable. Anything else is pure gravy.


Keira said...

I don't have much gravy today. Volunteering (haven't decided if I'll bail on that), Cub Scout Pack meeting, and all the stuff in between.

Suzanne said...

Check. Check. Check. I have a lot of gravy today. We're heading to the library to start the Summer reading program. Yipee! I'll have to call you this afternoon when my kids are driving me crazy. I should put you on my list. :)