Friday, May 30, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor

Yesterday we helped a neighbor in need.

Our next door neighbors are getting ready to put their house on the market, so they ordered 12 yards of beauty bark. I took a look at the two of them valiantly trying to move that mountain from their front driveway, to their back yard - with just a little wheelbarrow. I told Steve we needed to go help them - we grabbed Nathan and Daniel (and our larger wheelbarrow) and offered our services.

Many hands may make light work, but my shoulders are a little sore today.

After they had finished all of their yard, they still have about 1/3 of it left. Today I got a little ambitious and weeded our front flower beds - and then had Alex and Nathan help me spread some of their leftover beauty bark in our yard.

It's too bad the bark only looks really good for a few days. Here's hoping it keeps the weeds down longer than that.


Keira said...

Nice work, Deb. People always have leftovers with bark and hey, maybe you upped their home price by making your place look awesome.

But, admit it, some of that soreness is Wii related, isn't it?

crashhanna said...

Yeah, I'm a dork. I nearly gave myself blisters on my big toes from the 10 minute hula hoop.

Suzanne said...

What a good neighbor you are.

Joke of the day;

Where do plants sleep?

In flower beds.

Emma and Jack were in a joking mood yesterday and that one got told. I thought it was pretty funny. Your beds look nice.