Friday, May 9, 2008

The Theahtah, the theahtah

Danny, Alex and I went to the spring musical at the high school last night. This year's production was "Into the Woods" - which I had heard of, but hadn't seen. I will give it 3 1/2 stars (out of 5).

  • new sound system - everyone was "miked" so that you could actually hear what was being said and sung.
  • Strong performances from several lead actors/actresses.
  • Sets were simple, but effective.
  • Overall good casting (within the limitations of people willing to try out for a musical at their high school.)
  • Music and sound effects.

  • Length. The darn thing was 3 hours long - it didn't get over until 10:30 and this was a school night.
  • Act II. Act I was fun and fairly lighthearted. Act II gets darker and has more of a "message". I did not appreciate it when Cinderella's prince has a fling with the baker's wife.
  • Pit orchestra - technically very good and enjoyable, but at times too loud - which made listening to the words of songs tough.
  • Seating. The high school auditorium has new seats that are about a million times better than the old ones, BUT, they are still about 1 inch higher that is truly comfortable for a 3 hour play. The backs of my legs were in agony by the end of the evening.


Suzanne said...

I like the "Pros and Cons" list. I think that list covers all High School plays. Know when your audience has had enough and end it with the audience wanting more.

A-Rex said...

My favorite part of the play was finding out that they decided to have the "Mysterious Man" be played by the same person as the narrator. I know that's not how the "official" version goes, but seeing the actor switch costumes onstage was absolutely hilarious.