Sunday, May 4, 2008

Confectionary Calamity

Last Tuesday the YW all got together and made "treats" for Mother's Day. Shari (YW President) sent this email to everyone in YW's...It sort of says it all.

Mother I love you
Mother I do ooooo
The Young Women made candy
I won't give to you oooo

The chocolate was bitter
The divinity un-divine
When 25 girls bake,
We just have a good time

We under boiled
And fed the priests,
They spit it out
That's how we knew not to eat

Thanks to all those
the fudge that they made
At least you have a little treat
From the Beehives, Laurels, and Mia Maids!

Happy Mother's Day :)


Keira said...

Honesty...always honesty.

Better to find these things out ahead of time then expectorate the remains afterwards.

crashhanna said...

Deacons will eat anything, by the time they are priests they have learned a little caution.