Sunday, May 18, 2008

Survival of the Fittest?

12 and 13 year old boys present "natural selection" with an overwhelming amount of opportunities to work. I'm not touting evolutionism, no, just a reason why some people might think evolution is the operative force in nature.

Danny had an overnight camp out with the Scouts this weekend. After our long cold spring, the weather broke and it was hot and sunny. Hot. And. Sunny. And they were camping at Lake Ki. He did take sunscreen. He even said that he used it once. He and the other Scouts spent an entire day swimming, fishing and canoeing. I think he had a great time - he even caught a fish, cleaned it, cooked it and ate it. I wish I had a picture of that.

Surprise, surprise, he has a doozy of a sunburn. I have seen worse - in fact I saw at least 2 other boys at church today with worse burns, but it is the worst that Danny has ever had - and if you know Danny, you'll know that he's not shy about telling you when he is in pain.

He did make himself popular at church today. He had a bottle of Solarcaine* in his pocket and shared it around with the other burned boys.

Live and learn, then get out the pain relief.


Keira said...

I spent 4 and a half hours outdoors yesterday (in the shade). I lathered 14 arms, 14 legs, 7 faces, etc. I missed my bosom (honestly, I wasn't showing much) so there is a trapezoidal-like burn front and center.

Was it coincidence that we sang about the Balm of Gilead today? I think not.

crashhanna said...

Gotta watch those necklines...

I managed to burn my part (hair) on the top of my head. I hope I don't peel - that always manages to look like the worst dandruff ever.

Suzanne said...

Sunburns at our house as well. We didn't get them too bad, Jack was outside all day Saturday and his face looked pretty red. I think that it wasn't too hot and I totally forgot about sunscreen.

I need to put sunscreen by the back door or maybe a sticky note asking"Did you put sunscreen on?!"