Thursday, April 2, 2009

Working Vacation

This week is spring break for Danny and I - so we skipped town (along with Steve). I have a little bit of catching up to do for this blog. Here goes:

-On Monday afternoon we headed down to Keira's (after stocking the freezer with pizza, the fridge with milk and the pantry with cereal - for Nathan and Alex).

-Tuesday we visited Tia and Kevin - just a little while after Kevin got home from the hospital. He was still alive when we left... Keira, Steve and I cleaned out the back of Keira's garage and put together the shelves that she had already purchased. I cleared out Keira's pantry (and giggled a bit to myself about the 6 open containers of cupcake papers). I talked to the orthopedic guy about getting a referral for physical therapy, since the wrist is still pretty much the same as last week (I'll take a picture tomorrow).

-Wednesday we pretty much finished cleaning the garage - Keira and I went to Costco and got a couple more "Cansolidators", to Goodwill to drop off a load of stuff (and pick up a chair), to Lowe's to pick up a spice rack, shop light, fluorescent bulbs, etc. Target for some other stuff and finally Tia's to drop off a box of stuff and give Zachery a meal and a changed diaper - back to Keira's to finish up cleaning and organizing. Steve rearranged and added some much needed lighting to their garage.

Thursday- hmm...that's today. Well, first of all:

Happy Birthday David!

David turned 27 years old today. How did one of my kids get that old? And why does 27 sound so much older than 26? Just asking. Steve spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights working (with the Japan guys) until 2am in the morning. We headed home from Portland this morning (around 10:30). Made a leisurely stop at Cabela's near Olympia, then Lowe's in Everett, then Lowe's in Smokey Point, then Costco, then home. Whew. I'm done. Alex was still alive when we got here - Nathan is supposedly at work, so all is well on the home front.

Thanks to Keira for putting up with my bossy ways, and for feeding us and giving us a place to sleep.


Suzanne said...

Whew, that's quite the vacation. You do good work (and Steve too). If only I was within driving distance.

m_perfect said...

I remember "working vacations":...isn't that what we did when sewing whenever we got together?
You need to look up "invalid" and do what that says sometime ;)

Keira said...

I owe you undying gratitude and a book cover--I'll take it to 11.

Love you, sis.