Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

The picture has no real significance. I just took it because I thought the digger machine (I can`t remember what they`re called. CAT?) was so small.

This past week has been fairly good. We haven`t been able to do much service in this area and can`t find any good service so we`ve started cleaning up the parking lot outside, around the church, and the nearby neighborhood. We`ve only done it a little so far but it looks like it`ll be good service I think.

On Tuesday I went on an Exchange with Elder Campbell (MTC Roommate) and it was good. We tried train dendo but there wasn`t anyone interested in talking at all so we ended up streeting a little to the south.

On Wednesday we helped Fernando a BYU student doing an intern/job here get to work. He speaks fluent English/Spanish and pretty good Japanese.

On Friday we had to take my bike to Asahi to get it fixed because something else went wrong with the back tire. I had to leave it there until today so that they could see if the manufacturer would cover it. Fortunately for me they did. It probably would`ve been $40 about.

On Saturday we attended Ward Council but while we were waiting for it to start some lady who attended Eikaiwa about 5 years ago showed up to see if we were still doing it. We ended up setting up an appointment with her for tonight.

It feels like the ward here is getting bigger. Which it is because of the families moving into this area. After church we went with the Ward Mission Leader to visit some nice old lady in a nearby nursing home. She`s actually from Kyoto and only recently came to this nursing home so not many people know her here. The Ward Mission Leader (Koyama) offered her a ride to church every week and she agreed to come.

I got the package yesterday in the morning. Thanks for sending it. :) Thanks for sending those gospel art books as well, I was thinking about ordering one from the Mission Home.

I`m glad to hear you were able to get into my turbotax account somehow and do my taxes. Isn`t it nice being able to submit them digitally?

Does it rain a lot in Japan during spring? It hasn`t been raining much so far. Just a few times. The weather is really warming up now though.

I`ll send you my cell phone number after I find out about Transfers, so it`ll be a couple weeks.

Someone asked about Japanese Candy. For the most part I prefer the price and tasted of normal American candy over Japanese candy. They do have some good things like Haichu, which is pretty similar to starburst, but for the most part the candy selection here isn`t amazing.

Well I`m planning on writing some people some more detailed letters today since I don`t have anything else planned today (Besides cleaning and oiling my bike).

Elder Andrew West

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Keira said...

Some countries are better at sweets than others. Japan does seafood brilliantly and I think that precludes a mastery of sugared products.