Friday, April 17, 2009

Viva la Organization!

Steve installed this wire drawer for me - I found it at Lowe's

First of all, I blame Sue. She's gaining hundreds of square feet of living space in her house. Since I haven't been able to convince my husband that we need more square footage, I have to find it where ever I can. This week we found some under our bathroom sink.

I have a fairly small vanity - as those of you who helped me install the granite counter top can attest to (thank you Keira and Tia). No drawers at all. It pretty much tends to be a sort of black hole for toiletries. Stuff went in, but seldom went out. The few things under there that I do need on a regular basis were just hard to get to.

Now that we have our food storage organized in the garage I have managed to declutter most of my kitchen cupboards. It's time to do the same to my bathroom. I have a couple of shelves down in the garage designated for toiletries/bathroom stuff. I took everything out of my vanity, and plan to minimize what will be stored there. Here's my under sink plan:
  • one only - unopened deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
  • open containers of other hygiene products...
  • toilet wand and refills (I use the disposable Clorox ones)
  • toilet paper (as much as will fit)

Things I will NOT put back.

  • cleaning supplies (except toilet wand)
  • multiple containers of unopened toiletries
  • ancient open containers (they are going directly to the trash)
  • hair cutting paraphernalia - it must find a new home. Probably in the hall closet.


Suzanne said...

AWESOME! I'm loving all the home project that are getting done.

Keira said...

Suzanne sounds so patronizing--what with her scads of square footage. I don't think I'm speaking to her anymore.