Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

I trust that all is well for you. And if not that it soon will be.

This past week has been pretty good. I think I mentioned that the Saturday before last someone just showed up at the church so see if we were still doing English class. Well we`ve taught her a couple times since then and she came to church yesterday and agreed to prepare for baptism next month. We`ll see how that goes but it`s amazing how the Lord works. We can sometimes spend whole days outside talking to people and not get any return appointments with anyone but we head back for the night and the Lord just leads someone to us.

We had Zone Interviews with President McIntyre last Tuesday. I had been expecting to stay here for sure. However he seemed to be considering transferring me again. I guess I`ll find out tomorrow. The Zone was planning on eating at an all-you-can-eat parfait restaurant, probably not the healthiest thing :P, but it was too early in the day so we ended up going to McDonald's and Subway.

Thursday night I got a call from an investigator asking if we could stop by on Friday to pick up a couple bentos (Lunch boxes) she had already made for us. So on Friday we went and picked up the bentos and she also handed us an envelope with two train tickets in it for another Elder who mentioned he wouldn`t be going to Kyoto this Monday because he didn`t have enough money. Old people can be tricky when they want to be. I felt like a took a piece of bait and got caught. :P

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting the four of us Elders sang Army of Helaman. The ward here is becoming more lively and this area is moving forward.

Well we`re heading to Kyoto today and I don`t have much time so that`s all for today I guess.

Take care,
Elder West.

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Alex said...

What!? He didn't get to go to the parfait restaurant? But I thought everybody loves parfaits!