Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Word of the Day

[bas-uh-nit, -net, bas-uh-net] –noun Armor.
1. a globular or pointed helmet of the 14th century, often provided with a visor or aventail: evolved from the cervellière.
2. a supplementary cap that is worn underneath a helm, as an arming cap.

As in:

While Danny was working on his maths, I was working on the NYT crossword puzzle. I did awesomely. However, I did come across one word that had me wondering if I was wrong. The clue was "steel helmets with visors". I had all the letters but the first one - and it just looked wrong. Especially when the corresponding down clue was ""some Muppet dolls". The answer to that one was "Berts". I mean really....Berts?!?!?!? Since I had all the other squares except that one filled in, I went ahead with 'basinets" - and then I went online to check my answer. I somehow don't see this word coming in handy for many occasions. But you never know.


BeeGee Babe said...

Word used in a sentence..."I sent my child to school today in his basinet because they were playing dodgeball." Very useful!

BeeGee Babe said...

Or, "It was a good thing I had on my basinet today as it was hailing very hard. My ears are ringing but my hair is dry.". Still, very useful!

Keira said...

"his maths"--Holy Betty Neels batman! Gosh, I love you, sis...

crashhanna said...

You're welcome Keira...I'm glad you caught that.