Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stinky Eggs

It's no big secret that I don't like eggs. Boiled eggs are probably #1 on my list of least favorite ways to eat eggs. #2 is a tie between fried and scrambled. refrigerator smells of boiled eggs. Quite strongly. Yuck. I can pretty much count on it smelling that way for the next two or three days. That's about all I can stand - at that point any remaining Easter eggs are given the old heave ho. We will be serving deviled eggs for lunch tomorrow...possibly for dinner also.


m_perfect said...

If that old Spanish style table with the leaf in the middle had survived I am sure it would have weighed double because of all the eggs you hid up inside it!
I like eggs, but I like 'em dead dry. I don't mind if my beef still moo's, but I don't want a single cluck from my eggs or a single molecule of slimy moisture.

Suzanne said...

I noticed that familiar smell as I was headed to bed last night. I am praying that the kids will not "lose" an egg in the house.