Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Science Tuesday

Hot water vs. cold water.

  • Two cups of cold tap water.
  • Place one in a container.
  • Add hot water to container.
  • Add one drop food coloring to each cup and observe what happens.
  • Add more food coloring, one drop at a time as desired.
  • stop adding food coloring. stop. please stop.

Danny is finishing up a unit on energy today. Unlike some of the other units we've covered (chemistry comes to mind), this unit didn't get particularly harder as it went along - a lot of it was review from prior years. Some of the harder chapters were earlier in this unit. It was rather refreshing to end on an easy chapter. The only problem with that is going to be studying for the unit assessment - we had a lot of equations earlier that may or may not be easy to remember. And a lot of scientific terms. A bazillion of them (how's that for scientific?).


Keira said...

Could you ever send him to school for some of the harder options (math, science) as he grows older? Or is being that selective frowned upon by the school district?

crashhanna said...

I could potentially send him part-time - as long as I don't mind being consigned to the role of chauffer. Of course in 1 1/2 years the new high school should be finished, and it's walking distance...