Friday, March 20, 2009

Never Lick the Toad

Daniel, far left, with Trevor in front of him - they are watching the giant African toad hop around. That toad has poison glands on his back, and when he is afraid, it secretes poison, thus- "never lick the toad".
The tortoise was cute.
The Mexican iguana was pretty darn cool looking.
Is there such a thing as a "tame" alligator?
9 foot albino python. Trevor was quite willing to hold in on his legs.
Danny, Trevor and I survived "The Reptile Guy". Trevor was beyond thrilled to get to touch snakes, lizards and an alligator. I kept my distance - if and/or when I get up the nerve to hold snakes it will be when I have two fully functional arms. I'm just saying....


BeeGee Babe said...

Lick, touch, hold - I'm skippin' em all thank you very much! I am always a little wary of those kids that have no fear, they definitely are the ones you should put a life insurance policy on!

m_perfect said...

I've gone to these things before. I just tend to sit up in the bleacher section near an exit, so my kids never did get to handle anything ( which is good...I would have had to dip them in bleach!)