Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dancing in the kitchen

Danke Shoen, Darling, Danke Schoen.
Thank you for all the joy and pain.

While sitting in the hospital 4 weeks ago waiting to get my wrist set I remembered that my ipod was in my purse. I even had a headphone splitter and Steve had his own headphones. We both giggled at the lyrics to Danke Schoen.

It's nice to see that I am making progress in healing. I have my ipod plugged into my speakers in the kitchen...when Danke Shoen started playing this morning Steve and I started dancing. That wouldn't have happened a week ago.

So now we dance.


Keira said...

...go Dutch treat, you were sweet...

What's not to like about that?

m_perfect said...

Isn't it great that you two met in dance class ( when Wynn and I dance my toes hurt for some reason...but like Dad we've got plenty of rythym!)
Glad to see you weathering this breakage with great humor...can I just live it vicariously through you?