Thursday, March 12, 2009

Viva la Revolution!

I love technology. I'd rather drive an automobile than a horse drawn buggy, I'd rather throw stuff in the washer than rub dirty clothes up and down on a washboard. I'm no Luddite.

Today's history lesson was about the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. I got a kick out of the section that talked about the rise of the iron industry - and showed a picture of Ironbridge. 4 years ago Steve and I walked across that bridge. It seemed to still be quite sturdy - although it is only a pedestrian bridge now. I'm not sure if it owes its sturdiness to the iron it was made from or the hundreds of coats of paint.

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Keira said...

I was complaining about something that had changed recently and Nathan replied, "Honey, your cheese has moved."

That's code in our house for "Don't be a Luddite."