Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Man in Japan

This past week has been pretty good. Streeting has been really good these past few days, we`ve been able to talk to a lot of people. The weather warming up really helps with that.

Anyways, I don`t have much time for email this week so this may be a little short. But Saturday was great. In the afternoon I went over to Okamachi for Ishikawa`s baptism. About 16 missionaries ended up coming, which is way more than normal. Sister Ishikawa is really old and recently her back has been getter really bad. She had to sit in a chair during the baptism. We tied a string around the bottom of her dress and attached a cushion to the back of the chair with a string. Afterwards Sister McIntyre asked if we had her tied to the chair ;P. Elder Ito, my first companion performed the baptism. I kneeled behind her chair in the water and after Elder Ito said the prayer we both gently pulled her back into the water. It was hard to get her all the way under though, I ended up putting my hand on her head at the end and just quickly pushing it underwater. Afterwards I had to quickly change clothes and run out to the parking lot to catch a ride with President McIntyre to another baptism. After that baptism Elder Bahr and I were feeling really fired up and even though we had to head straight home we were able to teach a few people and set up an appointment. It was a great night.

Are the cherry blossoms blooming yet? The Cherry Blossoms are beginning to bloom. I think they`ll be at their best in one week. I`ll try to take pictures.

How is the language coming? Do you dream in Japanese? The language is coming along. It`s amazing how much more I can understand now than I could when I first came to Japan. I may have had parts of some dreams with a little Japanese but I rarely remember my dreams well enough to know.

Easter Package Requests:

A print out of the family cook book. You could do 2 or 4 pages per page.

A print out of my family pedigree going back 10 generations or so.Don`t bother putting those in sheet protector books, I can buy those for cheap here.

More return address labels. Also some sending address labels but without any name on the sending labels (Same address). One of those cheap mp3 players we have lying around the house.

Well I have to go now. I pray for you all.

Elder West.

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