Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Man in Japan

It`s the end of the transfer but the calls come tomorrow so it will be a week until you find out where I`m going. But chances are I`m staying and my companion is leaving.

This past week has been pretty good. Last Tuesday we had another dinner party thing with some non members. We made sushi. I even sucked some shrimp brains out before throwing the heads away. We put things like squid, tuna, shrimp, cucumber, ikura, green onions, spicy herbs, salmon, and avocado in the sushi, all raw. I still feel fine a week later so I probably won`t die of food poisoning.

On Wednesday we had a whole mission conference. Elder Snow of the Presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy is touring the missions in Japan right now. President Evans of the Seventy was with him as well. It`s probably not surprising to hear but when members of the Seventy speak to smaller groups (As opposed to General Conference) they tend to be especially interesting, probably because everything they`re saying is directed to things we specifically need to do. But most of what was said probably doesn`t matter to anyone reading this email so I won`t go into detail.

On Thursday we taught a lesson to a new investigator who is an aroma therapist I think. Unfortunately she actually lives in a different area so we`re going to have to switch her to the other elders. On Saturday we taught a lesson to some kid we found streeting a couple weeks ago. I think his parents may be less-active members, but it`s hard to know for sure.

One of the pictures is from a few weeks ago making Gyoza (potstickers) from scratch. The other is the sushi last week.

I got your letter with the pictures of the food storage. It looks pretty impressive. I expect it will be full by the time I get back.

If Dad either took care of my taxes or sent me the stuff it would be appreciated. I don`t remember exactly when all that stuff is due but it would be appreciated if you let me know.

As far as school when I get back goes I`m not exactly sure yet. Right now I`m thinking BYU or one of the Washington Universities. According to my calculations which may be wrong, maybe I already said this, I should get home around August 5th 2010, probably. I don`t know how all the application stuff works. When`s the earliest one can apply? It would be sort`ve nice not ending up worrying about not having enough time to communicate and apply before the deadline. If you had BYU, and the two? Washington State colleges nearest (Near being a relative term) our house (I can never remember which is which) send their catalog/info to me I could tell you more.

An Easter package? I wasn`t expecting that. I think the Distribution Center sells (Maybe online) little plan of salvation puzzle things and has a Japanese one, that would be nice. The hot chocolate mix was good, as was the tomato soup. I can now make pretty good tomato soup from tomato juice (Which they sell here) so I`m alright as far as that goes. If you copy the pictures off the SD card (don`t bother erasing them though) and send it back I can send new pictures to you on it eventually. Besides that I don`t know for now. If you sent one of those cheap little Mp3 players from Christmas a few years ago it would be useful.

Well that`s it for now I guess. Thanks for writing :).

Happy Birthday Grandpa Hanna and Kaith!

Elder Andrew West.

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Alex said...

You should probably post the pictures Andrew sent in the e-mail, or else nobody will know what he's referring to in the paragraph that begins with "one of the pictures is..."