Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family,

My companion got transferred to a different area last week. My new companion`s name is Elder Bahr. President did surprise me though by sending an additional 2 missionaries to this area. So we now have 4 Elders in the house.
Well, I guess I`ll review this past week quickly. Last Monday we taught a part of the Plan of Salvation to an investigator. The bishop was there and it went really well. We`re teaching her again tomorrow.
Tuesday was Transfer Call day and Elder Goodey`s Birthday. We visited a few people in the morning. Had to hurry back and eat lunch quickly before having a lesson at 1 PM with a 17 year old High Schooler guy. We actually taught him again this morning.
Wednesday was mostly spent cleaning the apartment, packing, and waiting for Sagawa to pick up Elder Goodey`s luggage. One of our nice investigators dropped a cake off for Elder Goodey`s birthday.
Thursday morning we went down south to Tenmoji and met up with all the Elders who have transfers happening. One of the Elders coming to Hirakata is Elder Campbell who was a room mate at the MTC, it`s always fun seeing people who I know from the MTC. In the afternoon when we all got back home we spent a few hours planning, I had to tell them about everything going on in this area so it took a little while. Afterwards everyone else put together their bikes. We had to visit the Bishop that night but unfortunately Elder Bahr`s bicycle tire had a punc and he had to fix it a couple times before it worked. We got to the Bishop`s house at about 8:15 PM without incident but when we started heading home Elder Bahr`s tire suddenly went flat again. We ended up walking all the way home.
Friday after study time we went to Asahi (A bike store) and they fixed Elder Bahr`s tire. Afterwards we headed south and introduce the new Elders to an investigator. We had dinner at a member`s house that night. Unfortunately the address I had gotten from the records was old but fortunately they had only moved a couple blocks away. We got a little lost on the way home but it was alright.
Saturday afternoon during lunch we made some brownies and took them to our neighbors afterwards. We also visited the ward mission leader that night.
Yesterday was really good. Church went especially well. We visited a couple right after lunch and had a good discussion with them. In the evening we dropped by to say hi to some a nice couple. The wife is chinese and they have a cute little kid.
I actually got a call from the Okamachi Sister missionaries (My first area). Someone I taught there might be getting baptized this Saturday and I have permission from President to go. I`m pretty excited about that.
I guess I`ll answer a few questions now.
Where and when do you get to watch general conference? We watch conference at the nearest Stake center, probably an hour away from here. They broadcast it in Japanese the week after General Conference actually takes place. They have a seperate room where we can watch it in English thankfully.
Is it cherry blossom time yet? It almost is. Depending on where in Japan. The cherry blossoms are probably going to be in about a week or two I imagine.
Are you wearing out your clothes yet? Somewhat. A few socks have holes. A couple pants have tears. We don`t wear our suit jackets during the day except for special occasions or church from around April to September. I`ve actually gone through this winter wearing 3 long sleeve white shirts. They`re going to be retired when I go back to short sleeve shirts.
Well that`s it for this week. Please write. I haven`t gotten any mail for over a week :`( take pity please.
Elder Andrew West.

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