Sunday, July 5, 2009


We never go anywhere to watch fireworks on the 4th of July. Except for occasional vacations. But when we are at home on the 4th, we stay home.
Up here on the ridge we have a great view of all the fireworks that everyone spent a fortune on.

I limit Steve to about $30 for fireworks. Yeah, that means we have rather wimpy fireworks, but on the other hand, no one lost an eye...or a finger...

After the thrill of holding sparklers, we spread a blanket on the front lawn and watched Steve, Danny and Cory set off our fireworks, and more importantly, we watched all the cool fireworks our neighbors set off. And they were much more generous with their fireworks budgets than I am.


m_perfect said...

I believe that is the same attitude professed by most of us little Scotch souls brought up under the tutelage of The Hannas.

Keira said...

I'm a big fan of other people's fire works too. We had a great time this year though.

Spence did cry for hours tonight however because of tiredness. Meh.