Friday, July 3, 2009

"C" Food Dinner

Chicken, canteloupe, corn on the cob, cheese and croutons on salad...

"C". It's what's for dinner.

We spent a few hours over at Stephanie and Cory's house today - helping them with more projects around the house. It was a hot day. We were tired. I told Steve as we were leaving that I wanted to stop at the store - so I wouldn't have to do it tomorrow (4th of July). We headed over to Fred Meyer. Danny and Steve headed over to the fireworks stand in the parking lot. Alex and I went in the store. The lovely air-conditioned store. I asked Alex what he wanted for dinner. "Something cold", he said. I agreed that cooking was not something I really wanted to we managed to find stuff for dinner that required a minimum of cooking.



Suzanne said...

I like themed dinners. I tend to do variations on color.

Keira said...

Did you pre-plan the C's or was it happy circumstance?