Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

Another two weeks have come and gone. Sorry I didn`t have a chance to email last week.

We had a good Zone Conference a couple weeks ago in Eastern Osaka (Higashi Osaka). We learned about and practiced gleaning specific principles from the scriptures. The chapters we used were John 4, Acts 8 & 17, Alma 17 & 18.

Happy Birthday Grandma West, and to anyone else who has a birthday this year that I forget about just reread this email and apply it to yourself by inserting your name in it please.

Last week on Preparation day we headed up into Osaka City. My companion is going home in less than 3 weeks, July 24, and wanted to pick up souvenirs and things for his family. We bought an all day train pass, only about $8.50... I say only but now that I think about it that is a little expensive. hmmmm... living in Japan throws your perception of money off since everything here is so expensive. Anyways we went to a few different areas since we had the train pass and then walked through the biggest outdoor shopping mall(?) in our mission. I`ll take pictures next time I`m in one so you can get and idea of what their malls are like.

The rainy season did start to show itself this past week. I`ll admit that Wednesday Evening it rained really hard and we got soaked, along with all the people riding their bikes with umbrellas (They do this instead of wearing jackets) The wind along with your movement make the umbrella pretty useless, at least that`s how it looks to me.

Next week I may or may not be able to email. We may be heading up to Kyoto for some Summer Festival, but we aren`t certain yet. I`ll try to write a few people letters today, thanks to everyone who writes.

With Love,
Elder West.

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