Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sleeping In

I slept in this morning. I rolled over and looked at the was after 5:20am. I leaped from my bed, got dressed, dragged a brush through my hair, grabbed a notebook and my purse and ran outside...where my ride was waiting.

It's tough having to get up early in the summer. Especially when my husband isn't home. And I had the grandkids over for hours yesterday evening. Tough. Real tough.

I did make it to my 6:00am seminary training meeting on time. In fact, we were a little early.

I have 2 weeks until the next meeting. And yes, I'll probably sleep in on that day also.


Keira said...

Why so early? It's summer. Or did someone not get the memo?

crashhanna said...

I think it's just to remind us that we teach early morning seminary.