Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Painting Myself Out of a Corner

silverware : dish washing
whites : laundry
bathrooms : painting

I've been procrastinating the day....putting off until tomorrow...hesitating to gird up my loins and finally paint my bathroom. I've wanted to get it done since I discovered Miriam in my bathroom painting her naked body with toothpaste - and finding out that my walls were the same color as toothpaste.

I really don't mind painting. I don't even mind edging. I'm not crazy about having to do both. Bathrooms are the worst. The best thing you can say about painting a bathroom is that the acoustics are great. Usually bathrooms are too small for more than one painter in it at a time. It takes a long time to do the edging - because it's practically ALL edging. It can get a bit lonely painting a bathroom - and I've painted my share of them. I painted Stephanie's bathroom...twice, two of Keira's bathrooms and, of course, my own. There's pretty much nothing worse than hugging a toilet in order to paint behind it. Oh well, one more coat and I'm done. For now.


Keira said...

Bathrooms ARE the worst. You're the nicest sister ever to hug my toilets.

OKTownsends said...

Are you sure having your bathroom walls the same color as toothpaste isn't the obvious choice? After all, carpet the color of dirt will change your life.

m_perfect said...

I'm with Lori! The less time spent cleaning bathrooms, the more time to read in them ;)