Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

Things are going well over here for the most part. Though I`m afraid the cockroaches didn`t all decide to leave our apartment. In fact over the last few days we`ve seen several. In fact I woke up this morning and was about to fold up my futon like always when I saw a cockroach dart across it and hide under the covers... kimochi ga warui. Anyways we caught that one fortunately. We actually decided to dedicate a cup to catching cockroaches. We decided to do that when we accidentally cut one in half on the rim of the cup.

It rained hard a few times during this `rainy` season but for the most part the rain is fairly light. I actually have started going without my raincoat because I`d rather get a little wet than be hot and miserable.

My companion is going home this week it`s been interesting to see the process as he realizes time is running out and he no longer has time to do everything he wants to. I already have too many books and may have to leave some behind when I go home but that`s not stopping me from collecting them at the moment. We don`t have any weight limits until the flight home to America.

There`s a new Japanese Book of Mormon. It has very few changes translation wise, very few. However the nice thing about them is they print them on the scripture paper now so they`re about half as thick. We really appreciate that as we carry them around all day.

One of my apartment mates has been pretty sick this past week and is finally better. Fortunately none of the rest of us got sick, even though we slept in the same room.

We held a pizza party last Friday for family home evening at the church. A fair amount of people came and it turned out pretty good. It`s the second time I`ve made pizza in Japan.

Well that`s all for this week. Transfers are on Thursday. My companion is going home so I expect to stay here and get a new companion. I`ll tell you about that next week. I`m going to end this e-mail now because I`m typing this in an apple store and standing up so the position is a little uncomfortable.

Take care until next time.

Elder West.

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