Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Man in Japan

This week is Elder Andrew's one year anniversary!

Dear Family and Friends,

I trust that you`re all still doing well for the most part. I know there are some who aren`t and I pray for you.

It`s almost been a year since I started my mission. July 16th is just a few days away. Time has been flying by for the most part and the transfers do get shorter and shorter, and a little longer and then shorter again.

You mentioned that Alex will be doing his driving test in a few days, I wish him luck on that. Surprisingly I still remember my driving test, I did fine but I missed one point when backing out of an alley because while I did stop before the sidewalk I didn`t come to a full stop again after the sidewalk before backing out... Just a warning :P

Have you been coping okay with summer heat/rain? It hasn`t really been too bad. The rain has only been really bad a couple times. Most of the times it rains if I weren`t a missionary wearing a white shirt, suit pants, and carrying a back with books I wouldn`t bother using a jacket or umbrella. Though seeing someone without an umbrella in the rain over here is rare, sometimes they have them for the sun too. Instead of sunscreen sometimes it`s umbrellas and really long gloves.

Did you get your bike issues fixed? Yes. I broke down and just got myself a couple new cheap tires. My hope is that they`ll last me to the end and if they don`t I`ll throw on my old ones for the last transfer. My new tires aren`t as wide as my other ones and are more like street tires which makes riding a little nicer, though they do have less traction.

When are the next transfers? Next week on Thursday July 23. My companion is going home so chances are I`m staying here but I don`t know who my new companion will be.

It`s funny that your ward conference was yesterday because mine was too.Well I think that`s all for this week. Take care for another week please. :)

Elder Andrew West.

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