Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ye Olde Warde Party

Our ward had a "Medieval Times" themed activity last night. We were divided up (before coming) in to 4 different teams. Our family was on the red team. After eating dinner the tournament began.

Unlike the other 3 teams, ours seemed, at first glance, to be the weakest - and possibly the smallest.

Looks can be deceiving.

Steve came in a respectable 2nd in archery. Our Young Women's team won "Feed the Peasant", both the junior AND senior primary teams won their obstacle courses (I think). Alex and Danny cooperated (I know, they cooperated?) to win the swordsmanship contest. I came up with 2 items for the random "Who has this item" (I had a $50 bill and dental floss...).

My favorite contest winners were for the "couples" activity. It was a little rough and tumble - so Steve and I didn't sign up - we got the missionaries to do it. I so totally wished that I had brought my camera. One Elder galloped his "horse" to the other end of the gym to save the "damsel in distress". When he got to "her" he had to grab the sheet on which "she" was sitting and drag her back to the other end. Priceless.


Keira said...

That sounds like soooo much fun! I think you would have made a killer princess, though...

Samurai Mom said...

excellent...I think Springville ward should do it too!