Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

Things are going well still. The weather is still becoming more uncomfortably hot. They say it`s the rainy season, but I`m not really impressed by it, it`s raining the same as any other part of the year I think. But it probably also depends on location.

I got an old tire from the mission home and patched my bike tube near the end of last week. I`ve been riding a spare bike in the mean time. Unfortunately when I went out this morning the tire was flat again... I`m at a little bit of a loss regarding it right now. I`ll probably temporarily steal the whole back wheel from the spare bike for a while and procrastinate dealing with it :P.

I put some cockroach traps out last Monday, they caught 1 so far. We know there`s another hiding in the laundry room, it got a way by crawling into the washing machine and we haven`t seen it since. We have some Boric Acid powder stuff to put in places they crawl in order to dehydrate them and kill them.

Next week I may or may not have a chance to send an email. We`re planning on heading up to Osaka next week. A couple weeks after that we may go to Kyoto for Gyomatsuri, a fairly big festival I hear.

Well that`s all for this week I guess. Take care.

Elder Andrew West

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