Friday, June 5, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance

That's a lot of empty seats to fill...
There's Alex - next to last row about the 7th from the left (he's just this side of a short kid)

See that lighted area near the top of the picture? That's where we were sitting. Yup, nosebleed section.

Steve pretty much had to sprint from one side of the arena to the other side to get these last two pictures (Alex in line and Alex crossing the stage). Yea Alex. Yea Steve.

And here's the Boy Wonder himself.


stephen said...

Congratulations Alex on a job well done.

Frankie/mom said...

HIP, HIP, HOORAY! Congratulations Alex! G'pa & G'ma are VERY proud of you.

Keira said...

I thought the venue was way smaller when you described it. That event looks massive!

m_perfect said...

Imagine the poor kids who graduated from Podunk high ( all 3 of them).
This looks amazing as do you, Alex.Way to go!
(Deb-only one more to go-whoa!)