Monday, June 22, 2009

Frat Boy

This is Daniel's first year at EFY. We sent him to the same one that Alex went to - down in Tacoma at UPS (University of Puget Sound). Alex always stayed in the dorms - so I guess I just assumed that would be where Danny would stay. Nope. He gets to bunk at the Sigma Chi fraternity house.

Due to a typo on the the website, check-in was NOT from 9 to 11. It started at 11am. That meant that Danny didn't have any lunch - and lunch was not provided. No problem - I just raided the van and gave him a couple of granola bars, some applesauce, string cheese, pudding and a water bottle. Not exactly lunch, but I was pretty darn sure he wouldn't starve. He called us about an hour or two after we left him. He had gone to the cafeteria and bought himself a hamburger and fries and who knows what else, to the tune of $7. I had only given him $10 spending money for the week. He sounded a bit concerned...He said "what will I do about lunch tomorrow?" I reassured him that the rest of his meals were included.

Steve and I continued on our way south, then west, then Lake Quinault. We're staying at the Lake Quinault Resort for the next two nights, where we evidently have wireless internet. Our room is on the second floor - the first big window (and little window) with green shutters to the right of the chimney. We have a gorgeous view out over the lake. The Lodge is pretty vintage - but in a recently refurbished way. The stairs creak like the dickens - I'm glad our room isn't right by them! I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight.


m_perfect said...

Gorgeous place to stay! Nice of EFY to provide the teen-sitting for your anniversary trip ;)

OKTownsends said...

Enjoy your stay, it looks fantastic.

Keira said...

I want to come! That place looks sweet.