Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

It`s good to here from all of you again. I`m glad to hear you`re all doing well. I remember how much I disliked the High School Graduation when I had it, it was way too long. Oh well, at least it`s over for you for now.

Things are going well for me here still. This week is transfers, the calls come tomorrow. I doubt I`ll transfer but my companion could, probably won`t though.

It is heating up here still, it`s currently at the point where you sweat slightly inside without doing anything unless you have a fan on you. It`s nice when it`s cloudy but I`d rather have heat than rain as a missionary.

The end of next transfer is when I hit my year mark as a missionary. Wow. Can you believe I`ve already been gone that long? Well... I can, but still it seems a little strange. Anyways that does mean I still have one year to get to the point where I want to be before going home. I`ve only been in Japan for 8 months now and have 14 months left in Japan. That makes me feel better.

I`m really happy to be here serving in Japan at this time. I`m sure I`ve already said that in the past but it`s still true. The other missionaries I`m serving with are great. No one`s perfect but they`re all pretty good. My favorite missionaries are still my room mates from the MTC. I`m sure they`re all awesome missionaries even though I rarely get to see them or talk with them.

Well I`m going to cut this week`s email short, sorry about that.


Elder Andrew West

PS. Is there an Elder Tani serving in one of the Marysville Wards? He`s actually originally from Hirakata, my last area.

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