Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday and Marcy.

Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days we get here in the Northwest. Sunny and 70'. It was a lovely day to be out on the town. And Marcy and I were...out on the town. Things did start off rather bumpy due to inexplicable problems with my van. It was possessed, then it died. Luckily Nathan didn't need the car AND he was willing to come and get us. Also luckily we were just here in town. In the same parking lot as a craft store...It would have ruined our day to have had the van decide to die elsewhere. We were able to get everything done on our list.

Bead Store. Check.
Goodwill. Check.
Lunch outside at the marina. Check.
Sunny day for lunch. Check.
Jewelry making. Check.
Hair dyeing. Check.
Movie watching. Check.

Mischief managed. Check.


OKTownsends said...

That's so nice that the weather cooperated. I have a friend here, married to a guy from Seattle. In the numerous times they have visited WA over her thirteen years of marriage she has never seen Mt. Rainier. Do not invite her to any outdoor event, she has a black cloud with her.
Did you make the bracelet? Very nice.

crashhanna said...

I sort of made the bracelet. I picked out the stuff and threaded it..repeatedly. Marcy did the real work. I'm pretty sure jewelry making isn't my thing. At least not until I have better fine motor skills. On the other hand, making jewelry would probably be good therapy....hmmm.