Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Twilight Zone

The library in Forks, WA.

While on vacation with Steve this past week, I ran out of reading material. In the middle of nowhere. As we were passing through the town of Forks we stopped at the store to pick up some lunch. I looked over the measly selection of books at the grocery leaned heavily towards bodice-rippers and all things Twilight. Neither appeal to we looked at the other store in town...they mostly ran toward overpriced local authors and guide books (animal tracks, plants, that kind of thing). Again, not what I was looking for. Fortunately for me the local library was only a block and a half away...I was able to scavenge a couple of books for less than $2. Score. It reminded me of finding the local library in Honolulu...and buying reading material there.

I personally have never read or watched anything "Twilight" - so all the businesses with posters and signs in their windows sort of left me cold....except for the message on a motel sign "Edward Cullen didn't sleep here".


m_perfect said...

I hate(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) the feeling of being without a book nearby. I was trapped in a restaurant for upwards of a minute and a half without one the other day and it was torture!

Frankie/mom said...

I too, have not fallen victim of the "twilight" syndrome. I vow to continue to be vaccinated against such.
And yes, I ALWAYs have a book in the car, explorer, purse, backpack or other conveyance...especially when I ride along with dad ANYWHERE! (Somehow he always finds someone to talk to! go figure.)

Keira said...

That is clever.