Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

It`s great to hear that you`re all still doing well. I hope those who have a birthday on June 4th are able to enjoy it.

My past week has been pretty good. On Tuesday we had interviews with President McIntyre and received some great advice as always.

On Wednesday Elder Obata and I went on an exchange and just had a really good day as far as proselyting and teaching is concerned. I`m often surprised by the people who stop and talk with us. I`m sure I`ve talked to more different people on my mission than my whole life before my mission.

We helped some members move on Saturday, fortunately they`re staying within the ward`s boundaries.

Anyways, on to other stuff I guess. Congratulations on making it one month on food storage. I hope you enjoy a lot of fresh produce and non-powdered milk among other things tomorrow. If it were me I`d buy some chocolate milk to celebrate :P. Unfortunately good chocolate milk is hard to find and expensive in Japan. Oh well, the sushi is a lot easier to find here :).

The weather is getting warmer still. It`s not too hot most of the time but the humidity makes it a little uncomfortable sometimes. Oh yeah I forgot to mention last week I got to go to a fireside hosted by the BYU Wind Symphony Orchestra. They were originally going to have it up in Ibaraki but because of the swine flu they ended up doing it in this stake instead.

Well I guess that`s it for this week. Really not much to say I guess. If you emailed a recipe for regular pancakes and a recipe for waffles I`d appreciate it. I don`t think those recipes are in the family cookbook.

Elder West.

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