Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Am I Blue?

It's "clear liquid" day for me. Yippee. So far I've downed about a quart of blue stuff (Powerade mixed berry), and one cup of chicken broth.

In 20 minutes I will take the first half of the Sennakot pills (18 of 36...yes, those are the correct amounts).

I will probably be spending copious amounts of the rest of the day in the euphemism.

The good news is, and I have this from reliable sources, tonight is the hard part...tomorrow is way easier. Evidently the drugs I'll get tomorrow will be making me feel just fine. Better living through pharmeceuticals-that's my mantra for the day.

And now the only movie I've ever seen that features a colonoscopy....Ghost Town.

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Suzanne said...

Your blog name is so appropriate today.