Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Movies

Tis' the season....for summer blockbusters (yes, I know it is technically still Spring). A couple of week s ago we went to see the new Star Trek movie. Loved it. Not just a little. Last night we saw Night at the Museum. It was fine. Not great, but it did have some good moments. Awesome special effects, and a hilarious Egyptian mummy guy - with a lisp. Amy Adams (Enchanted) was also in it - as aviatrix Amelia Earhart. I didn't really enjoy her character (using the word "moxie" more than once in a movie should be against every law of man and nature).

I'm looking forward to a couple more movies that are coming "up" - yes, UP is one of them. There is also the new Harry Potter movie coming out in July (I think).

What movies are you looking forward to?


BeeGee Babe said...

Harry Potter!!! I am calling in (cough, hack, achoo!)that day! I will have the Sneezles of course.

The Time Traveler's Wife (if it is rated okay). Loved the book - now please don't mangle it!

Up! Who doesn't love a character that reminds me of Grandpa Hanna (Mel)!

crashhanna said...

That's the reason I love Second Hand Lions - it reminds me of Grandpa Walley and Uncle Bob.

Keira said...

That's the site of my favorite movie reviewer on Up!. (he LOVED it and is not usually in love with animation.) I only wish I weren't such a nursing mom.

m_perfect said...

What! They've got new things to show at the talkies?! Don't get out too much anymore but I might try some if I know what's good---I will be expecting reviews!

Suzanne said...


Other than that, we'll see what movies we actually get a babysitter for.